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Basket Options

A lot of time and attention is put into the design and construction of the mini disc golf baskets.

  • We offer 4 different sizes of baskets
  • Rearview mirror or Christmas ornament ($40.00)
  • Small – Coins catcher ($45.00)
  • Medium – Bottle cap catcher ($75.00)
  • Large -Gatorade caps or Snapple caps catcher ($95.00) Large baskets also have double chains to help absorb caps
  • Custom colors
  • Different number plate options (we will work with any image you can provide)(+$10.00)
  • Different base options (depending on size selected)
  • Or we can work with you to create a one-of-a-kind total custom basket (price will vary depending on options)

If you select the total custom basket, there are 5 components to the basket.  Number Plate (added to top of basket(optional)), Top, Shaft, Bottom and Base.  Each component can be painted in it’s own different color.

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